I use every ounce of strength

To survive, I strive

To make Sharlette Mikell

The proudest woman alive

I’m an average man with infinite potential,

Above average will

And above average drive

Despite the difficulty

I still try hard

Consistently defy the odds

And though my methods may seem odd

The results speak volumes

And are examples to continue my quest

Put negativity to rest

Navigate with the best

And avoid cliché mistakes

The streets be callin’

But they got the wrong number

Or I don’t answer

Slackers are a virus

Promiscuous girls are a cancer

Complacency mirrors comatose

And creativity ceased

Is equivalent to being deceased and death

So relentless and focused

Is the W – O backwards L –F

Some dwarf me in talent

But can’t match my effort

Have a fraction of my work ethic

And THAT’S what makes my rhymes epic

Your attention, undividedly I capture

‘Cause of what I say

And not just my stature

Though I am built like a tank

Head, hard like marble

Smooth like caramel

I could almost be a super hero

‘Cause my rhymes are a marvel

And I still ain’t satisfied

When I die, my obituary will read

AC eagerly tried

To know me is to know

My desire is constant

My all, I’m givin’

And is sure as I’m livin’

I will remain driven


Written by: AC Mikell-Awesome/AC Wolf, 15 Aug 2012