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Hip Hop + Fitness = Get Motivated

AC is a Hip Hop Lyricist is also a 15-year veteran of the Chicago Fire Department, as well as a former police officer and a workout enthusiast. He has taken the art of Hip Hop Music and added the elements of fitness, wellness, health, inspiration, and of course motivation, to create the “Get Motivated” project… Where Hip Hop and fitness/wellness meet!

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AC’s Motivation for Making “Get Motivated”

As a workout enthusiast, I love listening to music while exercising. Music helps keep me motivated, but I was having one consistent issue… The music, production, and vibe of some songs left me only partially motivated. The lyrics and content of some of these songs were lacking the positivity to feed me and motivate me mentally and spiritually. I recorded songs for myself to give me what I was looking for: Hip Hop music with nice beats, along with inspiring and motivating lyrics… and now I share them with you! So, listen, enjoy, and stay focused and motivated and get yours! Navigate without fear!

– AC

Don’t know the music, don’t know the man. Don’t know the man, never know the plan.

#goals #gainz #getyours #fearless #swolemusic #beastmode #motivated #hairless1 #awesomeacwolf ##lyricalbeast #grownfolkhiphop

“Researchers found that listening to music before exercise helps people get pumped up to do their best, visualize what they want to accomplish, and improve motor skills. Listening to music during endurance activities, such as running or cycling, or during high-intensity exercise sessions such as sprint intervals or weightlifting, helped to improve participants’ moods and efficiency, increase their stamina, and work harder.”

– Excerpt from article “Want a Better Workout? Add Music!” in Psychology Today