The Beast lay motionless, lifeless

Apparently beaten

Effected and worn down

By the battle of life’s challenges

And possibly dead…

But he is not dead, instead

The Beast staggers to his feet

With a new stance

And rejuvenated strength

A stumble forward

Turns into a jog

Then a full stride

Having morphed into something

Better, stronger, more resilient

The Beast is adapting


Negative forces reappear

With strong winds blowing

Sand, dust, and debris

Into the path and face of The Beast

But The Beast does not cower away

Instead, he changes again

Multiplying his will and strength

To move forward,

Further adapting


And now having weathered the storm

The Beast still remains

And though bruised and bleeding

He is standing firm in victory

Prepared and waiting

For the next test…….


Written by: AC Mikell-Awesome/AC Wolf, 05 Sep 2013